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Welcome to the world's most diverse and passionate team of creators, enthusiasts, and innovators.

Our mission is to connect people from all other the world and give them an opportunity to speak, meet new friends, and grow.

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Meet the team 👋

Entrepreneurs, builders, and creative thinkers.


Amir Khamidullin

Founder / CEO

Amir is an experienced learner and educator with strong expertise in education, math, and computer science with a mission to change the world.

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Jamin Xu

Chief Operation Officer

Jamin is an ambitious learner from Canada working in a variety of fields including filmaking, coding, space technologies and much more.

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Richa Midha

Business and Marketing Advisor

Richa is an acclaimed Product (Business) & Growth Strategist, Co-founding Consumer-Internet Startups currently while having previously catered innovation flows for 10+ Startups & MSMEs from India & GCC Region.


Yulduz Usmanova

Education and Development

Yulduz is known as an ambivert - mixing a shy and outgoing person like warm snow, but however not frightened of any challenges or failures.

Our story

Show step by step how to get started.

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Idea - July, 2021

During this period, the founder of the company came up with the idea of creating a company where everyone could communicate with other people and develop their English and Chinese skills!

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First Speaking Club - August, 2021

On this day, the first conversational club took place, which was attended by 10 people!

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1000! - January, 2021

Already on this day we broke the mark of 1000 members of our community

The Edinorog about Parrotsay

In Russian language with English subtitles!

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